Ingredient FAQ’s


what do you mean when you say you “forage” your ingredients?

To forage means to search widely for food or provisions. When we say we forage for our ingredients it means we personally search the forest for the base materials that we make into our skincare products. We pick and pack out ingredients from the forest, then refine it into the hydrosols, essential oils, and extracts that make our products so exceptional. We are able to do this when so many other companies fall short because of our location and the people in our company. We have a forester on staff with 25 years of experience in the forest products industry, giving us a dependable pipeline of high quality ingredients for you to enjoy. Couple this with over 430,000 acres of public use land in our county and you get a near limitless potential for foraged ingredients.

Are your products natural?

Our products contain 100% naturally derived ingredients. We refuse to use hormone disrupting synthetic chemicals in anything we make, and this guiding principle is the most important thing to our company. We never use any synthetic preservatives, scents, emulsifiers, or scents in our products. While other companies are trying to greenwash their products and claim that they are natural and organic, we back up our claim with what actually goes into our products.

do you make your own essential oils and hydrosols?

We currently make several types of hydrosol and essential oil, including balsam fir, sweet fern, and rosemary. We currently use all of these ingredients in the products that we produce. We also have plans in development to bring each individual ingredient to market for anyone to experiment with or try. Stay tuned!

how do you pick the ingredients that go into your products?

We leverage the experience and knowledge of 25 years of forestry experience to locate the best plant material to harvest. Most of our foraged ingredients come from our family property in northern Wisconsin, however we also have agreements with local loggers to harvest plant material that would otherwise go to waste in their harvest. After the plant material has been located and an agreement with a landowner or logger has been reached, we hike into the location and pick what we need.